I specialize in lifestyle family portraits, birth stories, and military homecomings- I was born to be a story teller. I'm here to document things as the 3rd person. Capturing raw emotions is what I do. 

My favorite subjects are small children in their natural environment. I will chase them, play with them, ask them questions about themselves throughout our session, because I believe EVERYONE, even the littlest person has something to say. Same goes for older children, and couples. If you are looking for those 'perfect' portraits with perfectly set up poses, forced smiles and intricately coordinated outfits, I might be the wrong girl for you.

I want you to leave our session feeling like we are friends. My job as your photographer is to document your happy moments with the people you love more than anything in the world, and turn them into tangible art. So that even years later when you look at these photographs, you will be filled with happy memories and nostalgia. I'm a lover of all things living. I want you to see beauty, the way I see them.

Welcome to my world. I can't wait to get to know you.